Dreams are one of the natural phenomena that happen to everyone, they are limited to people and not to others, and do not differentiate between sex or age, and dreaming is a group of fantasies that people see during sleep.

tafsir al ahlam Interpretation of dreams

In this article, we will talk about the definition of a dream, the psychology of dreams, and the interpretation of dreams, or what is known as tafsir al ahlam, which is one of the important sciences in which the scholars of the West and the East are interested in, past and present.

Interpretation of dreams by Ibn Sirin tafsir al ahlam

Definition of dream and the position of psychology of dreams


  • The dream is some of the fantasies that a person sees during sleep.
  • Psychologists say that a dream is about expressing some of the person's pent-up desires that are difficult to express in reality, and they are always far from logic and reason.
  • The study of dreams began from ancient times throughout the ages beginning with the Sumerian civilization, which engraved some traces of dreams on stones, as well as the Greek civilization and the Greek civilization, which considered dreams as a gift from God to convey the message to humans.

Dream interpretation. Tafsir al ahlam

  • Interpretation of dreams is a science based on studying dreams and explaining their meanings.

 For Muslims, dreams that can be explained are “visions” and Muslims divide dreams into two parts:

  • Dreams: They are true visions of God.
  • Ordinary dreams are visions of Satan, and these honest visions are messages only to the person you dream of, and they may be true often.
  • Some scientists and researchers have been able to develop science to interpret dreams and books that explain some of the visions that people may dream.
  • Among the most famous Muslim scholars who took an interest in the interpretation of dreams is the well-known interpreter, "Muhammad ibn Sirin", Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Arabi.
  • These scientists analyzed and divided dreams, knowing their causes and sources.
  • In the West, they recently took an interest in the interpretation of dreams, and those who were interested in "Sigmund Freud", who was the first to link the interpretation of dreams with psychology, and "the individual Adles" as well as "Karl Jung".
  • And the science of interpretation of dreams tafsir al ahlam is the science of analyzing the symbols of dreams and studying the context in which this symbol appeared to know the message behind the dream

Varieties of dreams and the difference between them

Dreams are divided into three sections, which we will explain to you in detail, namely:

  • The vision : The vision is one of true dreams, and it always occurs in a blessed time like the time of dawn. It resembles the truth a lot and is often in a matter of good. It is possible that a person sees the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, and it is a true vision.
  • The hatred of dreams : It is the vision that contains a nightmare, in which Satan is the one who weaves it for who dreams, and it is possible for the dreamer to command the disobedience of his Lord, and this type of dreams is not explained, and the dreamer must seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan and not dream the dream to anyone yet Waking up.
  • Dreaming : It is one of the most prevalent types where it is woven by the subconscious, and these dreams are evidence of what occupies the mind of a person and everything he is afraid of, and in this case psychologists depend on the interpretation of the dream on the person's psychological state.

Interpretation of some known and widespread dreams of Ibn Sirin

There are some things that a lot of people dream about and they are widespread, especially among Arabs, so we will list these things with a brief explanation of them as it came from Ibn Sirin, such as:

  • Dreaming of trees : Ibn Sirin says, seeing the trees in a dream indicates the great good that belongs to the seer and in the event of climbing them it indicates good luck, but the dream of harvested trees indicates a great financial loss that will afflict the seer.
  • The sun : If the sun is shining in a dream, this indicates a great happiness for the seer, but if the sun was at sunset, this is a warning to me that someone close to him will betray him.
  • Bouquet of flowers : Ibn Sirin mentions, if a person sees in his dream that he collects flowers, this is a bad dream that indicates the failure of the person in the future, but if the dream is that you take flowers from another person, this is evidence of the good that will befall the seer in the future.
  • Snow dream : Snow dream is a sign of goodness and livelihood, and if a person is sick, this indicates his recovery in the near future, God willing, but if a person dreams of snow falls, this indicates the presence of an enemy after me, he will get from him.
  • Snake's dream : A snake's dream is a sign of the great enmity that will afflict parents, often between spouses or children, as it can signify the existence of a neighbor behind me who envies him.
  • Dreaming of new things : Whoever dreams of new things or bright things, this indicates the many joyous events that will take place behind me and the happy news that he will hear.
  • Dream of bad events : Bad things in a dream denote bad events that will actually happen.
  • Death in a dream : denotes a person's good luck and long life.
  • Dream of murder : Killing in a dream indicates the stability and security of a person.
  • Dreaming of agriculture and legumes : indicates the multitude of sad things.
  • A dream about a weapon : A dream about a weapon signifies betrayal and schism among people.
  • Dreaming of pets : denotes the good and good news that will follow me.
  • Dream of predators : The dream of predators and wild animals indicates that bad things happen to me.
  • Fish dream : A person's dream of fish is evidence of the great wealth that will be returned to the seer.

Interpretation of dreams tafsir al ahlam from the viewpoint of psychologists

  • Interpretation of dreams tafsir al ahlam is an analysis of the many fantasies that occur during a person's sleep, some of which are clear and apparent, and some of which are disjointed that need interpretation.
  • Dreams can be a vision from God to preach to someone who dreams about a certain thing or warns him of something.
  • Psychologists say that dreams benefit a person from a health point of view as they work to renew the mind and stimulate it and keep it from laziness and lethargy during sleep.
  • Psychologists explain that dreams are like a mirror to a dreamer as you read what is in the subconscious.
  • And dreams from the viewpoint of psychologists tafsir al ahlam in two forms, they are either simulating the desire of the person who dreams and what he wishes to happen, or dreams are a retrieval of some of the events that have already occurred to the dreamer and occupy his mind.

Dreams, nightmares and daydreams

  • Dreams often cause anxiety and inconvenience to the person and are fearful as they can come in the form of nightmares as a terrifying animal or horrific events and all of that affects the person’s psyche.
  • Psychologists say that there are so-called daydreams, which do not occur during sleep, but rather occur in mindfulness, which are some of the fleeting fantasies in it of the wishes and events that occupy the person's mind.

In the end, we must clarify that there are many books specializing in the interpretation of dreams written by Ibn Sirin and al-Nabulsi, and they interpreted, explained, and organized dreams according to the alphabet so that they could refer to any dream easily and easily. There is also the ability of some people to interpret dreams through the Holy Qur’an. By taking some indications from the Book of God.

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